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4 Responses to “About”

  1. Waffeln Says:

    Fine Post. I searched the entire cyberspace for informations like u shared it on this post “About Colin MacCabe's Blog”. Thx very much, it assisted me out.

  2. Luiz Carlos Martins de Souza Says:

    I am brazilian from Manaus, Amazonas, professor at UFAM (Federal University of Amazonas), also documentarist and short-filmmaker.

    I’m doing a part of my doctorate as short-term scholar at UCLA in Spanish and Portuguese Dept until june. My dissertation is about the textualization process of Central Station (Central do Brasil, by Walter Salles Jr.) in Universidade de Campinas (UNICAMP/São Paulo, Brazil), in a perspective of Materialist Discourse Analysis. This french theory became strong in Brazil with the work of Michel Pêcheux (I read you edit his main book in english) and Eni Orlandi analisyng verbal texts. They propose a convergence in analysis between some concepts from Lacan, Althusser and Foucault. Here Ijust found the reference to Screen and some texts from you. How I can contact you? thanks,


  3. Luiz Carlos Martins de Souza Says:

    dear professor MacCabe, I need so much contact you. If you are in USA, please send me a way to contact you. I’d like to talk with you about the possibility of some lectures in Brazil and some orientation for papers from you, Laura Mulvey and Stephen Heath (and others you suggest about film analysis and Lacan-Althusser-Pêcheux perspectives) we can translate and publish there.

    Thank you so much,

    310 866 7019

  4. Nathan Says:

    Hi there. I’m working on a little article about Godard and I thought I remembered reading somewhere that as a child his dad once threw a shoe at him for his incessant punning. I can’t find it in your book or Brody’s. Does this ring a bell?

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