Friday 12th March

In Paris again, and the first face I see on the television is Daniel Cohn Bendit, who looks even older than I do, but then he is older than I am. In fact he makes rather a good joke when he says that in four years he will throw a huge party because then he will finally have become a soixante huitard. I had failed to understand how fed up the French were with the ridiculous Sarkosy and all the smart money is now saying that the socialists have reorganised and will win in 2012. The smart money seems to have forgotten that the socialists don’t have an idea in their heads and hate each other with a rare passion. I determine to put some money on Cohn-Bendit for president in 2012 after I breakfast with Marie Pierre Hauville who thinks that it is not an impossible dream. So after a Hungarian Jew, the French may opt for a deported German Jew. Perhaps it is time to believe again in progress.


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